20 famous last lines from your favorite ’90s movies

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These favorite ’90s movie quotes will get you all up in your nostalgic feels. Stroll down the cinematic memory lane with us.

In a time when reboots, remakes, and reimagining is the postmodern way, it’s nice to take a look back at what we loved in the first place. These are some of our favorite ’90s movie quotes that ended some of our very, very favorite ’90s movies.

Among these 20 last-lines, you might not find the most quotable or the most recognizable, but you will certainly be able to identify their importance inside the film. The last lines are often a clever recap or summary of the film, through the screenwriters’ experiences, or they sometimes can be a memorable way to leave an indelible mark on audiences.

I’ll admit, I had a really hard time compiling this list because, as a ’90s kid, they all seemed equally as important or impactful. That being said, I’ll also admit that I know I didn’t come close to including every meaningful movie of the decade.

Just a heads up that there are a few spoilers ahead for these movies, since these are the last lines, after so. So if you prefer not to be spoiled after all these years, we advise you scroll on down to the next movie. (Or if you prefer to have the TL;DR version of the movie, this list is absolutely perfect for you.)

I hope this list, at the very least, inspires you to go back and rewatch some of the big ones to reconnect with all the oldies, but goodies.