Prisoner of Azkaban director, Alfonso Cuarón, wins big at the Academy Awards!


Alfonso Cuarón may have directed one of the best Harry Potter movies but now he’s this year’s Best Director for his film Roma! (Which also won multiple awards!)

Roma, Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film, just won him another Academy Award for Best Director this year! A black and white masterpiece, Cuarón got to celebrate the win amongst a whole bunch of wins for the movie! And to make it even better, his friend, Guillermo Del Torro, was who presented the award to him!

This is a big win for Harry Potter fans because Cuarón is known within the fandom for directing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, arguably one of the best films in the entire Harry Potter franchise. So to see that he has won not one but two Oscars isn’t surprising.

Alfonso Cuarón deserves this win and so much more. His work is incredibly unique and powerful in its originality and separation from each other. His work stands to show his talent as a director and his very clear vision for all of his projects.

Obviously, Alfonso Cuarón is one of our most talented directors and we’re lucky enough to have him as part of the Harry Potter universe, even if we only got to see his work for one more. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was just the beginning for a lot of us and now we’re continually blessed with brilliant projects from Alfonso Cuarón!

Congratulations on your Best Director win, Alfonso! You deserve it and so many more!

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Are you proud of Alfonso Cuarón? Are you excited to see where he goes next with his films? Let us know your favorite Alfonso Cuarón movie in the comments below and what you hope to see from his career!