Jason Momoa’s response to Girl Scout using his shirtless photo to sell cookies is adorable


On the Oscars red carpet, Jason Momoa was asked about the Girl Scout who used his shirtless photo to sell cookies. And his response is as adorable as we expected.

When news broke that a Girl Scout by the name of Charlotte Holmberg was using a picture of a shirtless Jason Momoa to sell cookies, not only did we find it ingenious, but we wondered what the actor would think about it. Well, it turns out he is wondering where his cut is.

While on the red carpet at the Oscars with his wife, Lisa Bonet, the topic of the Girl Scout cookies was brought up, with Momoa saying that he “love[s] Girl Scout cookies!  I was waiting to get some free ones.” And we think that is the best answer ever, but it turns out the actor is not a fan of his namesake cookies (although the cookies are actually called Samoas, Holmberg renamed the Momoas to help with sales).

Instead of being a Samoa fan, Jason Momoa revealed he prefers Trefoils, according to People Magazine. Except, he doesn’t just eat these cookies the way most of us do. According to the actor, “I want the shortbread and then you gotta put those in the freezer and that’s the best way.”

While the idea that Momoa might not want his own cookies (Samoas turned Momoas), Lisa Bonet has a perfectly logical explanation for it all. She jokingly explained that she believes the real reason he won’t eat the Samoas is because he wants his cut. But the actor seemed firm in his convictions that really all he wants are those shortbread cookies.

We can’t blame Holmberg for using shirtless pictures of Momoa to sell Girl Scout cookies, but we admit that we are here for the actor’s appreciation for the shortbread cookies; after all they are a classic.

It is nice to know that Aquaman really is a hero in and out of the water, and that he seems rather supportive of Holmberg’s cookie selling techniques. And it really is the perfect marketing technique. Not only does it appeal to the moms, but younger audiences love seeing one of their favorite superheroes on merchandise. And the fact that it is Girl Scout cookies makes it that much more delicious.

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Now that we know Momoa is a fan of Girl Scout cookies, who else wants to stock up on Trefoils? I know I do.