A case against magic: Wizards and witches and why they don’t help with real world problems


Sure, we learned through Grindelwald’s speech what human beings are capable of but why didn’t the wizards and witches do something to help humanity and the Earth?

One thing that is extremely interesting about the witches and wizards in the world of Harry Potter is that they let these atrocities rage on in the world around them and don’t really do anything to stop them. In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, we saw that he knew of World War II coming and just…let it happen.

Why is that? What is it about the muggles that makes the wizarding world just take a step back? While they exist in their own side of society, they still interact with the muggle world regularly. So letting it destroy itself wouldn’t be great for them, especially if climate change and the rest of the bad things in the world continue to happen.

Wizards, for the most part, just let the human beings ruin everything and don’t stop them. Which, if the world blows itself up, would mean they also wouldn’t exist anymore. And sure, this is fictional but you’d think there’d be some aspect of that in the story, right? J.K Rowling, you couldn’t have had the wizards and witches at least attempt to fix whatever it is the world is doing to itself? We can’t blow ourselves but if a witch or wizard just stepped forward in the series, maybe we could escape and pretend the world wasn’t a complete trash pile.

Then again, we can’t actually fix our past mistakes so maybe it is better this way.

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Why do you think wizards and witches just like society rage on without helping? Do you think it is to stay safe or do you think they just don’t care? Let us know your thoughts below!