Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Australia reviews are in


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Australia has officially performed its first performance and the reviews of the Wizarding World production are in.

Melbourne was in a state of festive celebration last night as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Australia opened at the Princess Theatre. The Wizarding World production performed to a packed out audience and the reviews are in.

Much like the times when the Wizarding World production performed on the West End and on Broadway. Fans are in two minds at what they think about the production.

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In terms of the plot, there is no secret that some Harry Potter fans feel as though the eighth chapter about the Boy Who Lived does not sync well with the stories already told. With fans expressing that there is no continuity with previously established canon, or portraying beloved characters in a rather unflattering light. A lot of fans consider the story as nothing more than fan fiction that should not be considered as part of the Wizarding World.

One review put this perfectly. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a performance for those who do not like Harry Potter.

However, while the plot is questioned and probed on whether it fits within the world already created by J.K. Rowling, it is clear that the performance as a whole is once again a success.

Much like the performances on the West End and Broadway, if you were to look past the potential problems Harry Potter and the Cursed Child raises with the previous stories, and just view the story as a single entity, then almost everyone is in agreement that not only is a it a great story, but a magical wonder to watch.

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With stage effects that are mind-blowing fans, people have been in awe at what they have witnessed on stage as magic was really brought to life. The performances themselves have been hailed as remarkable and enthralling as well.

This may be the third time Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has visited a venue, but it has in no way reduced the quality of the performance. Once again, the Wizarding World production is a success.

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Did you happen to be there on opening night? What did you think? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.