Good Trouble preview: Here comes Jesus, and he brought a friend


Good Trouble returns this week and another Foster-Adams is making their way into the picture. Jesus is back! And he brought a friend…

Last episode of Good Trouble was bold, fun, and satisfying but it definitely took a break from its normal plot lines, and it felt like I was missing something. If you need a recap, you can read that here. The short version is that all the coterie ladies faced their love life.

  • Mariana had a threesome. So very L.A. of her.
  • Callie asked for a break with Gael. Let’s see how long that lasts.
  • Davia attempted to get over Jeff. With revenge sex.
  • Alice put Sumi on the back-burner. For once.
  • And Malika just played some basketball. Okay, a really sexy game of basketball.

It looks like “Byte Club” will get back to normal though. Well, kinda normal. Never have I ever been more excited for the next episode after watching a promo than when I saw this one. See for yourself:

See what I mean? Out of all the Adams-Foster kids, Jesus ranks a solid second (after Callie, of course), so it brings me great pleasure that he’s making a guest appearance in the newest Good Trouble.

Not only will Jesus be back but he’s bringing some new drama into the coterie by inviting Rebecca (or Becca, as he calls her) over. What’s going to happen now?

  • Will Rebecca bond with Callie over this?
  • Will it make things worse at work?
  • Will Rebecca see that Malika and her are living in quite closer quarters (probably closer than Callie led Judge Wilson to believe)?
  • How will this relationship change throughout the season now?

We’ll have to wait until “Byte Club” airs to find out.

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Good Trouble airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7 p.m. CT. Be sure to check back for news and reviews!