15 celebrity cookbooks that will have you sticking to your health goals this year

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Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines is a designer and lifestyle blogger with plenty of influence on the internet. But Gaines decided to take that influence a step further when she began writing books, releasing titles based on home decor and health. Her most recent release, Magnolia Tableis a must-have for anyone looking for creative, healthy recipes — especially ones they can share with loved ones.

Magnolia Table is a collection of delicious recipes intended for family meals and social gatherings. Gaines passion for home and family are highlighted throughout the book, and the collection features some of her most-loved meals from her and her husband’s new Waco, Texas, based restaurant, Magnolia Table.

Gaines’ book includes 125 recipes, covering every category — from sides and snacks to breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. Many of the meals included in there feature homegrown produce in their ingredient lists, as Gaines harbors a love for gardening as well as cooking, something evident in another of her books, We Are the Gardeners.

But while Gaines is big on healthy foods and produce, she does manage to include comfort meals in Magnolia Table as well. Recipes for mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, chocolate chip cookies, french toast, and other delicious family favorites are also included, reminding readers of the importance of having a well-rounded diet.

Personal stories are also scattered throughout Magnolia Table, giving readers insight into Gaines, her family, and how they utilize the recipes in this book. If you’re a fan of Gaines, you’ll certainly get to know her better through this book — but even if you aren’t, this book can be useful and entertaining for everyone.