15 celebrity cookbooks that will have you sticking to your health goals this year

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Happy Cooking by Giada de Laurentiis

Anyone who watches Food Network will likely recognize Giada De Laurentiis. She’s hosted a number of her own series on the channel, including Giada in Italy and Giada at Home. She’s also appeared regularly on the Today Show, a notable accomplishment for any chef.

And though De Laurentiis has plenty to offer on her cooking series and website, she also publishes cookbooks, so that her fans can easily utilize her cooking tips, advice, and recipes in their everyday lives. She has a number of cookbooks to choose from, but Happy Cooking is a solid choice for anyone looking to improve their daily eating habits with as little stress as possible.

In Happy Cooking, De Laurentiis shares around 200 new recipes with her followers, all of them intended to improve health and wellness, while remaining as accessible as possible. Like many of the other chefs on this list, De Laurentiis strives to make her meals easy to cook, even for those pressed on time or money.

In addition to the recipes, De Laurentiis also offers her own insight on living a healthy lifestyle in Happy Cooking. Giving readers a more in-depth look at her own habits, she includes general advice on living well—ranging from how to budget while buying healthy food, to preparing meals ahead of time, to cooking for events. She also shares some of her most valuable wellness practices.

If you’re not just looking to change your diet, but also how you live your life, De Laurentiis may have some answers for you. Happy Cooking isn’t just about creating healthy meals, but also “cooking up a happy life.”