15 Captain Marvel fan theories you should know before watching

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Skrulls depowered Captain Marvel

There are two questionable scenes in the Captain Marvel trailers. One: the moment where Carol is upside down and apparently captured by at least two Skrulls, as they perform some experiment on her. The second is the scene where Carol struggles to stumble onto a bus.

We’ve yet to see any posts riddled with fan theories about Carol’s status post-Skrull encounter. Despite the fact that Skrulls are infamous for replicating humans’ memories in order to impersonate every aspect of them, we’re pretty sure the Skrulls in Carol’s first film haven’t quite mastered the art of duplicating superpowers. Though Carol’s visit with the Skrulls probably enacts the shapeshifters’ path to creating the first Super-Skrull, it’s clear that the Skrull scientists probably weren’t expecting Carol’s lengthy list of powers and abilities. That’s where some improvisation comes in; instead of making a Skrull-Carol duplicate, they could have depowered some of her abilities before she inevitably breaks free. (After all, she is Captain Marvel and, to the Skrulls’ dismay, she can’t stay captured forever.)

Depowering Carol instead of replicating her abilities makes sense as a spontaneous alternate plan. Skrulls have an excessive amount of advanced technology. Seeing as Carol has the ability to fly, it doesn’t make sense why she would crawl onto a moving train unless the Skrulls found a way to temporarily stunt her abilities. Sure, Carol could be giving the Skrulls an advantage, but we have a feeling there’s an extraterritorial explanation for her uncharacteristic power usage in her trailers.