15 Captain Marvel fan theories you should know before watching

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Captain Marvel warned Fury about Thanos

There are some strange fan theories about Carol and her allies. Despite how bizarre it sounds on the surface, Captain Marvel warning Nick Fury about Thanos’ existence and plot to eradicate half the universe isn’t that outlandish, especially if the theories about the Quantum Realm and time travel are true.

As a Redditor suggests, Carol might have encountered Thanos during her time with the Kree. Given the suggestion of Ronan still being antagonistic in her titular film, she might have figured out Thanos’ plan to create the Infinity Gauntlet from Ronan, who is likely still amicably working under the Titan at the time.

Carol’s knowledge of Thanos would explain Fury’s swift decision to page her while his existence was being erased. Granted, Fury’s years of experience as a leader could equally account for that—seeing as we could never fathom paging anyone while we’re busy turning to dust.

We’re still unsure of the secrets behind Carol’s Thanos knowledge or what she may or may not even know about him, but given her proximity to space travel and her appearance in the MCU timeline, it’s likely she met Thanos before he became an immediate threat against Earth and the rest of the universe.

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Honestly, there are dozens of other Captain Marvel fan theories that could easily make it into the film. While we’ll learn a lot about Carol, her upcoming film isn’t necessarily an origin story, but her appearance in the MCU will deeply impact the future of the cinematic universe (as well as the fate of the other heroes).

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