15 celebs who positively raise awareness for mental health

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Chelsea Cutler

I couldn’t write this list and not include someone who has personally gotten me through a lot of my darkest hours. For me, that was (and still is) Chelsea Cutler.

In 2018, she went from being a small town girl to a Spotify star after she appeared on the website’s “New Music Friday.” Gaining millions of listeners and followers in only a few short months. Not only are her tunes catchy as heck, the lyrics stand for something a little deeper. In an interview with OC Weekly, Cutler describes this:

"[In] 99% of my music, I write about my mental health. A lot of times I frame it as a romantic relationship because I find that to be more applicable and more easily interpreted. It’s really more about the relationship between me and myself and figuring out how to deal with my own anxiety and depression."

And that’s exactly why I fell in love with her music. The melody of her music is what caught my attention, but the lyrics are what sat with me heavily. Struggling with mental illness is so much like struggling with a romantic relationship — this love/hate relationship you have with someone you’ve been with for so long but have treated you so poorly at times.

Cutler is a small artist, but she’s growing tremendously in terms of popularity. And I’m confident that her music is going to change the industry.

Here’s one of her most powerful lyrics from “Out of Focus”:

"And it’s my fault if we go down, but I’m taking you with me, yeah I’m taking you with me."