Brooklyn Nine-Nine review: Jake and Holt have quite the fight


Jake and Holt are trying to hire an assistant for the captain on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and they don’t really end up on the same page about the new hire.

Gina left the Nine-Nine a few episodes ago and Jake is trying to find an assistant for Holt on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Jake brings in Gordon, thinking he’ll be a great fit for Holt, but quickly realizes that he is a spy for the commissioner.

While it means that Jake and Amy are working on the same floor of the Nine-Nine again, the commissioner has closed the first floor to get back and Holt and it has been nothing but chaos for our favorite detectives. So, it isn’t surprising that Gordon is sent to torment Holt.

Eventually, Gordon admits that Commissioner Kelly sent him to spy on Holt because… he fell in love with Holt when the two went to a barrel museum. The two “flirt” in their own way (Gordon wears a single Windsor knot to tell Holt that he’s interested, which is even more confusing to Jake).

Jake and Holt realize though that they can use Gordon to help them get Commissioner Kelly in trouble for spying on one of his captains. Things don’t stop getting twisty there though! When Jake and Holt are spying on the conversation between Gordon and Kelly, they realize that Gordon isn’t a double agent at all. He still is just a spy for the commissioner.

So, when Kelly thinks he has them, having proof that Holt was spying on the commissioner of the NYPD, Holt pulls out part three of his plan (one that he didn’t even tell Jake).

Holt and Jake come out on top, because Holt recorded everything, even the commissioner admitting that he was framing Holt.

Meanwhile, Amy is trying to get the precinct to clean up their act. Literally, she just wants them to clean. Since they’re stuck on one floor, they have to make things work and that means everyone getting rid of the unnecessary things on their desks. So, Amy is in charge and forces everyone to Marie Kondo their desk.

When she realizes that isn’t working, she takes a more drastic approach, forcing everyone to throw everything but one personal item away. It leads to the discovery of Terry’s suspenders and why they mean so much to him, and Amy helping Terry take the Lieutenants exam.

While just a typical episode for the Nine-Nine, it was sweet to see everyone paired up and working on different goals, focusing on making the precinct the best it can be and to see Jake and Holt working as a team to stop the commissioner, even if they didn’t agree a lot of time. And hey, Jake got a great date idea for Amy too!

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