Haunting of Hill House renewed for season 2 with new theme and house to haunt


It’s official, we are getting a second season of Haunting of Hill House. But this time around, we’re headed to a new house with a new family.

The Haunting of Hill House has been renewed for a second season! But don’t get too excited that you’ll see the Crain family once again. Instead, we’ll be entertained — or horrified, in this case — by a new family and haunted locale.

The show’s Twitter account teased fans with a truly creepy video, in which we could hear whispered voices hinting at what the new theme for the show would be.

We were treated to a haunting quote from Henry James’ gothic psychological thriller, Turn of the Screw. In creepy whispers, you can hear a woman saying, “The terrace and the whole place, the lawn and the garden beyond it, all I could see of the park, were empty with a great emptiness.”

Shortly following that teaser, it was confirmed The Haunting of Hill House‘s second season will be The Haunting of Bly Manor. 

Over the years, there have been a number of adaptations of the classic novel. This includes one of my favorite shows as a kid, the original Dark Shadows TV series.

As Deadline reports, in the original book, the story revolved around an old country mansion, cut off from civilization (it was written in 1898 after all). Living in the mansion are two orphans, as well as their nanny who watches over them. The nanny is also the primary narrator of the book, which adds to the creepy nature of the story.

While we don’t know how the show will adapt the book for Haunting of Bly Manor, it should be interesting to see if the dark tale is modernized or if we’ll be presented with a more historical take on the story. It will also be interesting to see if the show finds a way to tie in The Haunting of Hill House into Bly Manor, whether by giving us a nod to the characters in the first season or even mentioning other homes with a similar problem.

If there’s a modern take, it’d be easy enough to tie the first season in thanks to Steven Crain’s books, which detailed different hauntings including that of his childhood home. Crain could possibly document the history of Bly Manor, learn of its secrets, just as he did with his own haunted home.

And even with an entirely new cast of characters expected to give life to Haunting of Bly Manor, it would be fascinating to see even a hint of the original season pop up in some way. At this point, all we can do is wait and wonder, as the second season of Haunting is not expected to arrive until 2020.

The series will reportedly be an anthology, helping to keep the stories fresh, all while sticking to the theme of a family who inhabits a haunted home.

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What do you think of the new theme for Haunting of Hill House‘s second season? Have you read Turn of the Screw? How do you think they will take this story and make it into a series like the first season? Tell us what you think in the comments.