Being Harry Potter wasn’t always an easy thing for Daniel Radcliffe


We know and love Daniel Radcliffe for his portrayal of Harry Potter but recently the star opened up about the struggle with fame he had after it was wrapped.

While promoting his new show, Daniel Radcliffe opened up about using alcohol to help cope with his Harry Potter fame. It brings up a good point about the Harry Potter series that we don’t really talk about: The fame that came along with the film series.

Sure, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint became household names but at what cost? They sacrificed their childhoods, were thrust into the limelight, and were posters on our walls for years and very few people understand that experience and can explain it to them. So now, to see them succeeding and moving on from the Harry Potter series, hearing stories like this, isn’t exactly surprising.

It’s sad but obviously it wasn’t an easy thing to undertake. Being so famous, your face plastered everywhere, and then it ending and you having to move on from the series that everyone knows you for? It can’t be something taken lightly and to see Daniel Radcliffe moving on with Miracle Workers and his continual stints on Broadway is delightful.

He’s a wonderfully talented actor and while it is sad he had to turn towards alcohol, it is nice to know that Daniel Radcliffe came out better in the long run and is continually working and making brilliant movies, television shows, and theatre performances. You’re one of the good ones, Daniel! May you keep doing wonderful things.

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We love and support Daniel Radcliffe and we’re so glad to see where his career is now! Are you watching Miracle Workers? Let us know in the comments before!