Rihanna’s birthday inspires the best meme of the year (so far)


Have you searched for your Rihanna birthday outfit yet? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s a great look at what a true fashion icon wore on our birthdays!

It seems that we have found the first great meme of 2019 and it includes Rihanna so, can we really even complain? The internet challenge is simple: go to a search engine, put in “Rihanna” and your birthday, and see what outfit you end up with. Seems pretty simple and fun, right?

Then again, we just love a good meme on the internet! And Rihanna continues to be the one to give us the best kind of content. It all started when Twitter user ChipdNudePolish shared the meme, screenshotting their birthday with a picture of Rihanna, and things took off from there!

A flurry of fans went searching for their own Rihanna birthday outfit, seeing what look RiRi pulled out on their special day.

Of course, we all wanted to know what our Rihanna look was as well and from there, the meme took off. Users began to reply with their own looks and how they related to themselves and their birthdays!

Many were surprised by their results and then… also by the results of celebrity birthdays. One user made sure to look up what Rihanna was wearing on Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday and… it certainly is an amazing look.

Because there is a Rihanna out there for all of us — mine is a sherpa/camo combo. Blessed be, indeed.

The beauty of a good meme is one where everyone can feel included in some way or another. Whether it be through their ability to make a joke about it or to include oneself in it, that is when a meme truly shines. Throw Rihanna into the mix and we’re here for it!

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