Game of Thrones: See how much the cast has changed since the first season

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Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister begins Game of Thrones as a self-centered golden boy. And while he’s undoubtedly still a Lannister through and through, Jaime’s been humbled since the show’s first season. At the beginning, he cares about little outside of himself and his family. He makes decisions that leave the audience despising him, like throwing a child from a tower and attacking Ned when he’s defenseless.

Even when Jaime is captured by Robb Stark, not much changes in regards to his demeanor. He remains arrogant and still lacks empathy, something that continues through his time traveling back to King’s Landing with Brienne. But when Jaime loses his right hand, there’s finally a shift in his personality—if only a minor one.

Jaime’s confidence is diminished by his inability to fight, and it makes him more level-headed as the series progresses. Of course, the loss of his children, his brother’s sentencing and betrayal, and Cersei’s increasing distance also force Jaime to change. By the finale of the seventh season, Jaime has begun to rethink his allegiances, as well as what’s truly worth fighting for.

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So, while Jaime is by no means a role model going into the eighth and final season, he’s definitely a more likable character. His decision to no longer support Cersei and instead ride north to fight against the White Walkers shows notable growth, particularly when compared to his decision making throughout season 1.

It should be interesting to see whether or not Jaime can actually redeem himself before the series comes to a close.