Daniel Radcliffe loves Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the best and same


When it comes to our favorite Harry Potter movies, we all have our opinions but Daniel Radcliffe said that Order of the Phoenix was his favorite and we’re justified!

Sure, we all have our favorite Harry Potter movies and so does Daniel Radcliffe. The difference is that Daniel loves one of the films that many people hate on so now, as someone who loves it, I feel justified in saying that Daniel Radcliffe also loves Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Being a fan of Order of the Phoenix isn’t always easy. Mainly because the novel does give a tragic backstory to Neville that never really gets explored that much and we’re introduced to a group of characters we want to know more about and they just get breezed past. But one of the big reasons so many people love it is for the possibilities. Sure, we all want new Potter content in our lives but many of us want to explore the Order or, even better, the Marauders.

If your favorite isn’t Order of the Phoenix but you love Remus and Sirius then chances are you love Prisoner of Azkaban. They gave us this beautiful friendship between James Potter and his makeshift family and then we didn’t get more of it. So, is it surprising that Radcliffe also loves Order of the Phoenix? Not at all, it is the best in a lot of ways and I’m sorry if you don’t agree with that but now that Daniel Radcliffe said it, I’m going to scream it from the rooftops.

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Is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix your favorite? Is it another one of the Harry Potter films? Let us know which you love best in the comments below!