Daniel Radcliffe reveals the Harry Potter spin-off he would like to see


Daniel Radcliffe has been talking about what he thinks of a Harry Potter reboot/spin-off and revealed the spin-off he would like to see happen.

The Wizarding World fandom is a little bit split when it comes to a Harry Potter reboot/spin-off. Some fans are open to the idea, while many are fully against. A spin-off would be more accepted than a reboot if there was a choice between the two. Recently Daniel Radcliffe gave his thoughts on the matter, weighing in on the debate.

There is a huge range of possible reboots/spin-offs that could happen. Some more popular than others. For example, a Harry Potter reboot for television, where one chapter equals one episode and one book equals one season, is a popular choice amongst Potterheads.

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As is the Rise of Voldemort, which was actually made for YouTube by some fans. A look at the founders of Hogwarts, and a series dedicated to the Marauders, which was also made for YouTube by fans.

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While attending the Television Critics Association winter press tour to promote his new comedy-drama, Miracle Workers, on TBS. Daniel Radcliffe spoke to TV Guide about his thoughts on a potential reboot/spin-off.

Revealing that he does believe something else other than Fnastastic Beasts will come to be in his lifetime. He explained that the Marauders would be the most interesting to explore. Especially looking at their backstory

"“A series with the older generation, that could be very cool,”"

A lot of fans will be pleased to hear this. Many fans have wanted to know more about Harry Potter’s father, James Potter, and his friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, and their time at Hogwarts and how they came to create the Marauders Map.

Maybe with Daniel Radcliffe showing his support, such a spin-off will finally come to be.

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What do you think about Daniel Radcliffe showing favoritism towards a Marauders spin-off? Would you like to see one come to be one day? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.