19 most anticipated films by women in 2019

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Booksmart (May 24)

The Plot: On the eve of their graduation from high school, two best friends who excelled academically decide to cram four years of deferred fun and partying into one night.

It’s wonderful to see so many actresses decide to direct, and Olivia Wilde is throwing her hat in the ring. Booksmart is akin to numerous other high school comedies, usually starring boys. Here we have two friends who spent the last four years doing everything right in school only to feel like they’re missing something. Really, this premise sounds akin to Maggie Carey’s hilarious ‘80s-tinged sex comedy, The To Do List from 2013, and if any movie can make me think of that, it has to be aces!

The film was written by Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, and Katie Silberman. Halpern and Haskins have worked on several television comedies, while Silberman penned the recent Rebel Wilson rom-com Isn’t It Romantic and Netflix’s popular Set It Up. Susanna Fogel is also credited as a rewriter, and if you haven’t seen Fogel’s The Spy Who Dumped Me, do it now. The cast here is also fantastic, culling some stellar young actresses including Kaitlyn Deaver, Billie Lourd, and everyone’s favorite, Beanie Feldstein.

Booksmart looks like the perfect movie to go see with your best friends and reminisce about all the things you did (or probably didn’t do) in high school.