15 of the most memorable and lovable Pixar side characters ranked

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Roz (Monsters Inc.)

An argument could be made that Roz belongs much higher up on this list. After all, the slug-like, horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing monster definitely proved herself to be a character with a story of her own.

Just take, for instance, when she turned out to not only be the scare floor manager, but also the head of the Child Detection Agency, tasked with preventing the spread of human children in the monster world. But Roz’s memorability also has a lot to do with her persona. With her grating, monotone voice and sarcastic sense of humor, we can see why Mike Wasowski jokingly  refers to her as a “succulent little garden snail” and “tender oozing blossom.”

In her relatively few appearances during the film, Roz masterfully imitates a paperwork-obsessed floor manager while doing undercover work to discover Waternoose and Randall’s plot to kidnap children. You get the sense by the end of the film that Roz somehow knew about everything going on. After all, she did tell Mike she was watching him – “I’m watching you Wasowski, always watching.”

Already a pretty layered character, especially for a side character, you can see yet another side of Roz if you check out the Monsters Inc. blooper reel (yet another clever Pixar move) which shows Roz surprising Sully in a bathroom stall and dazzling her fellow CDA agents in a sparkling sequin cardigan, both times laughing a very dry Roz-like “ahhh-haaa.”