15 of the most memorable and lovable Pixar side characters ranked

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Sheri Squibbles (Monsters University)

When it comes to best Pixar moms, Incredibles’ Elastigirl seems like the obvious front-runner. But not so fast.

You might want to hold on before giving supermom all the glory, because the 2013 prequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University, gave us another Pixar mom to love. While Ms. Sheri Squibbles may not have nearly as much screen time as Elastigirl, her few moments in the spotlight are some of the film’s best.

Ms. Squibbles is the doting, multi-eyed, single, hair-in-curlers mom of Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, who still lives at home. She is a little over-the-top motherly, but her sweet coddling extends to the entire Oozma Kappa gang (or Squishy’s “little friends”) when Squishy has them all over to “play fraternity.”

Her mothering, while not always appreciated by the fraternity (like when she accidentally interrupts their initiation ceremony to do laundry) is one of the most endearing and hilarious elements of the second Monsters film. And let’s not forget about her jamming out to her “tunes,” which ends up being some pretty heavy death metal, proving that there is a lot more to Sheri Squibbles than meets the eye.