15 of the most memorable and lovable Pixar side characters ranked

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Horst (Ratatouille)

You might not even remember who Horst is by name alone. When it comes to side characters, Horst is pretty far to the side in 2007’s Ratatouille.

And yet, every time he makes a stony-faced appearance, we’re left wanting more. If for no other reason than Horst’s background sounds somewhat more criminal than his current life at Gusteau’s and leaves us with lots of questions.

What we do know about the German sous-chef is that he’s done time. Though according to Colette, he changes the story every time you ask him.

So is it true that he defrauded a major corporation? Robbed the second-largest bank in France using only a ballpoint pen? Created a hole in the ozone over Avignon? Killed a man – with only his thumb? We hope at least one of those stories really is his. Even better, maybe they’re all true.

But the truth is, even if every single one is a lie, Horst still deserves our attention for coming up with such fabulous stories. And if they’re all false, we still don’t know what he served time for. Horst is also voiced by the always wonderful Will Arnett, which almost certainly adds to his screen-stealing appeal.