15 of the most memorable and lovable Pixar side characters ranked

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Crush (Finding Nemo)

Pixar moms had their moment with our ode to Sheri Squibbles, and now it’s time to give the dads some attention. And at the top: Finding Nemo.

But not just for Marlin and Nemo. Nope, there’s another father-son duo in Pixar’s fish flick that deserves some recognition. It’s the surfer dude sea turtles Crush and Squirt, affectionately referred to by his father as “offspring.”

Crush just might be the coolest character in all the Pixar multiverse. He’s 150 years old, but you’d never guess it from his surfer slang and laid-back demeanor. He uses the term “dude” more often than any other Pixar character, and gives “Jellyman” (Marlin) and “Little Blue” (Dory) a ride down the East Australian Current to help them find Nemo.

Crush’s lines are brief and perfect in establishing him as the chillest turtle in the ocean, who insists on being called Crush (“Mr. Turtle is my father”) and shows great care for his surfboard… I mean, his shell. (“No hurling on the shell dude okay, just waxed it.”)

Best of all though, Crush is a good dad. Though we only see him and Squirt briefly on Marlin’s own quest for fatherhood, we would love to learn more about Crush, Squirt, Mr. Turtle, and the whole righteous family.