10 Harry Potter-inspired snacks fans can find in muggle stores

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Lemon Sherbets

Though these Lemon Sherbets from Williams Sonoma don’t represent wizard candy, they are a reference to Dumbledore’s love for the delicious muggle sweets. In fact, Dumbledore is so fond of these that he fashions the password to his office after them.

Not only do these candies come in an adorable jar—perfect for leaving out on display—but they make a quick and tasty snack for visitors. Our favorite headmaster would definitely approve of that sort of hospitality—and especially because it involves his favorite candy.

Chocolate Wands

Every Harry Potter fan has wished for their own wand at some point, and what’s better than having an edible one? These chocolate wands from Jelly Belly make a delicious snack, and they allow fans to pretend they can do magic—at least until they get hungry and devour them.

These chocolate wands come in a variety of shapes, each one resembling one of the character’s wands. Jelly Belly replicates the wands of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore, and it does so with a surprising amount of detail. In fact, these chocolate wands are so gorgeous, you may have to convince yourself to actually eat them.

Chocolate Creatures

Jelly Belly has a knack for turning things from Rowling’s world into chocolate, and these Chocolate Creatures candies are just another example of that. Each pack contains a chocolate square featuring one of six mystery creatures, including Aragog, Crookshanks, Fang, and more.

Fans who love magical creatures as much as Hagrid does will definitely want to give these a try—though sadly, anyone as obsessed as Hagrid is likely going to have a hard time eating chocolate with such adorable animals on it.

Chocolate House Crests

As part of its chocolate Harry Potter line, Jelly Belly also sells edible Hogwarts house crests. These crests are perfect for satisfying those sweet-tooth cravings, and they allow fans to represent their Hogwarts house in the process.

And you know what they say: Whoever eats the most chocolate, wins the House Cup. They totally say that, don’t they?

Gummi Creatures

Harry Potter fans can complement their Jelly Slugs with Gummi Creatures, gooey and chewy replicas of their favorite beasts from Rowling’s world. Much like the Chocolate Creatures, these candies come in a variety of options—ranging from spiders like Aragog to owls like Hedwig—and they even offer several different flavors.

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So which Harry Potter snack will you be trying first?