Star Wars Resistance preview: Poe’s back to pick up BB-8


Things are ramping up in the next episode of Star Wars Resistance. Poe Dameron returns and he’s looking to take BB-8 on a special mission to Jakku.

In this preview of “The Core Problem,” Poe shows up on the Colossus. Kaz tells him he has plenty of reports to share with him, but the First Order’s presence has made it difficult to send him any updates. Poe isn’t happy about the occupation, but he is happy about seeing his little astromech buddy again. BB-8 is equally excited and doesn’t hesitate to agree to come back with Poe when Poe says he’s been assigned an important assignment to Jakku.

It’s happening! Star Wars Resistance‘s timeline is about to line up with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We naturally feel ecstatic about how things are starting to heat up, but we also feel anxious because that also means the destruction of the Hosnian system is just around the corner. How will that event be seen from the perspective of the characters in the series?

Putting that aside for now, it’s fun to think about where Poe is headed next. He’s going to meet up with Lor San Tekka in a remote region on Jakku before Kylo Ren and his First Order forces show up and take him hostage.

He and BB-8 will separate yet again, but he’ll end up with Rey and Finn in an entirely separate adventure. Overall, we love how Star Wars Resistance continues to connect with the larger picture taking place in the movies.

Watch Poe back on the Colossus in this recent preview:

On the other hand, Kaz is sad to know BB-8 will be leaving. We can’t blame him, really. He’s grown attached to the adorable droid, and BB-8 has been there with him through the more difficult parts of his mission. He also considers BB-8 a friend, even though BB-8 has a stronger attachment to Poe. Thankfully, CB-23 will be left behind to assist Kaz. We’re excited about this exchange, especially because we want to see CB-23 take the spotlight.

It’s also crazy to think about the fact that Kaz and Poe won’t see each other again any time soon, since The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi take place close together. Kaz will remain in the dark on Castilon when the First Order is hunting down Leia’s Resistance ships. He’ll be too busy fighting for the Colossus and that could explain why he doesn’t answer Leia’s call for help at the end of The Last Jedi.

Before all of that happens, Kaz and Poe still have one last mission together and their information about the First Order takes them to the Unknown Regions. There, they discover multiple broken planets, but they fall prey to a First Order probe droid as well as a squad of First Order TIE fighter pilots. Both characters will obviously make it out alive, but it’ll be interesting to see what Poe and Kaz learn on this particular mission.

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Watch “The Core Problem” on Feb. 17 on the Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET or on DisneyNOW.