JJ Abrams confirms that Star Wars Episode IX is done filming


Get your tissues ready because JJ Abrams shared a picture of the cast of Star Wars Episode IX on the final day of shooting, and it’s going to make you emotional!

JJ Abrams is slowly trying to kill every Star Wars fan out there. Today, principal photography wrapped on Star Wars Episode IX and, to celebrate, Abrams shared a picture of the cast together. The problem is that Oscar Isaac is crying, everyone is emotional, and now we’re all crying about Star Wars.

While we still don’t know much about what is happening with Episode IX, we do know that filming has wrapped, which means we could be getting a lot more information about the final installment of the new trilogy.

And what better weekend to premiere a trailer (or at least a title) then this one? With filming done and all of us aching for more information, JJ Abrams and his team at Disney and Lucasfilm have quite the timing cut out for them. That’s because the broadcast premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is Sunday.

Much like the rest of Disney’s properties, the Star Wars franchise is shrouded in mystery because this is the final installment to Rey’s story. The last we saw, Kylo Ren was fleeing separate from the First Order while Rey and the rest of the Resistance were trying to rebuild after their battle on the salt planet Crait and the death of Luke Skywalker.

It is Star Wars though. Maybe we’ll see more of Luke Skywalker in the upcoming film? We know already we’ll see Carrie Fisher one last time as Leia Organa, giving us a wonderful goodbye to her character. It will certainly be an emotional ride (one that is perfectly encapsulated by Oscar Isaac in the picture that Abrams shared above).

This is going to be one wild ride, and we can’t wait to see what Abrams and the crew at Lucasfilm have in store for us.

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