Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle creators have two new games on the way


The developers of Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle have two new Wizarding World games on the way for Potterheads. Scrabble and a deck building game.

USAopoly announced on Thursday, Feb.14, of two new Wizarding World games being developed for Potterheads. Coming to us from the developers behind the award-winning Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle game, they are expected to be launched later this year.

The additions to the evergrowing Harry Potter collection is SCRABBLE: World of Harry Potter and Harry Potter Defence Against the Dark Arts. Both games will be familiar to you, but each one comes with a unique magical twist that has never been allowed before.

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SCRABBLE: World of Harry Potter is the original game that you all know and love, but this time, Wizarding World words are allowed. So if you tried to play Stupey or Expelliarmus on the odd occasion during a game of Scrabble and were laughed at. You will be the one laughing this time, as not only are magical words encouraged but bonus’ are granted to the players who use them as well.

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Expected to go on sale for approximately $29.95, they will be available in Barnes & Noble and other local game sores in the Spring of this year.

Image courtesy of USAopoly, acquire via official press release

Harry Potter Defence Against the Dark Arts is a two-player competitive card building game. A fast-paced strategic game, players will need to learn both offensive and defensive magical skills in order to defeat their opponent. If it sounds similar to the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle that would be because it has been inspired by the game. So if you were a fan of that one, you should enjoy the new game that is expected to arrive in the summer.

Image courtesy of USAopoly, acquire via official press release

Along with the announcement of the two new Wizarding World games, a third unannounced game was declared to be in the works as well. So keep your eyes peeled Wizarding World fans. Another game is on the way soon.

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