Brie Larson supports the idea of Ms. Marvel appearing in a Captain Marvel sequel


Brie Larson wants to pair up with Ms. Marvel in the likely Captain Marvel sequel — and we are all for this team up!

During a Captain Marvel press conference in Singapore on Wednesday, Brie Larson was asked what superhero she’d like to see in the sequel.

Larson’s response? “My dream would be that Ms. Marvel gets to come into play.”

The room burst into applause at the possibility of seeing another beloved superhero come to MCU, and we absolutely agree this would be incredible to see in the Captain Marvel sequel.

Larson’s comment is great news for fans of both superheroes, especially since early estimates suggest that Captain Marvel may earn $100 million in its opening weekend in March.

Fans have their fingers crossed for multiple sequels, so it’s great to hear Larson herself discussing not just a new Captain Marvel film but who she’d like to see in it.

Last May, Kevin Feige spoke with the BBC about plans for other female superheroes, adding that a Ms. Marvel film of some kind was “definitely sort of in the works.”

We are of course elated to see MCU expand its universe of superheroes, bringing greater diversity to the world. Who wouldn’t want to see these two strong women team up, especially since Ms. Marvel is inspired by Captain Marvel in the comics. Both her name and her uniform are in honor of Captain Marvel.

For a possible Captain Marvel sequel, we can imagine a story exploring how Ms. Marvel gets mentored by Carol Danvers, similar to how Tony Stark mentored Peter Parker.

Ms. Marvel was reintroduced in 2014 as Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American girl in New Jersey who is trying to navigate her family and traditions while also fighting crime. The series has been a hit amongst fans. In the fall of 2018, Ms. Marvel joined up with Squirrel Girl and other superheroes in the animated film Marvel Rising on the Disney Channel.

Until the rumored movie comes out, fans will have to be satisfied with her comic and animated persona.

The newest version of the character was written by G. Willow Wilson who recently has stepped away from Ms. Marvel.  The newest series The Magnificent Ms. Marvel is set to debut in March 2019 with Saladin Ahmed at the helm.

Same month as Captain Marvel. Coincidence?

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