Get a peek at Lin Manuel Miranda’s upcoming Brooklyn Nine-Nine appearance


If it wasn’t for Lin-Manuel Miranda, we may not have Brooklyn Nine-Nine today and so it’s only fitting to see him playing Amy’s brother on the show.

When Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of a whole group of celebrities who wanted to help save the show. Sure, the fate of the show didn’t rest solely on Miranda’s shoulders, but his tweets did help get everyone talking about Nine-Nine.

Miranda’s strong support of the show may just have been what cinched his upcoming guest role. That’s right Nine-Nine fans — Miranda will guest star this week as Amy’s brother, David Santiago. This is pretty surprising since we’ve only met a few of Amy’s family members. She seems close to her family but hasn’t introduced them to her husband yet… interesting.

Then again, she’s a woman dedicated to the job so perhaps Lin’s character will be part of a case that Amy and Jake have to solve with him. Entertainment Weekly shared a first look at Miranda’s guest appearance, and it appears there is a serious convo happening between Jake (Andy Samberg), Amy (Melissa Fumero) and David (Miranda).

For fans of the show, we know that Amy Santiago comes from a big family, including father Jimmy Smits. So Lin may be the first of many guest appearances of Amy’s family (I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get to see Benjamin Bratt as one of her brothers in the future). But it is wonderful to see more of the Santiago family!

We hope this episode isn’t the first and last we see of Miranda, and is just the beginning of a line of Santiago family members who will appear. We haven’t really seen more of Jimmy Smits as Amy’s father but Bradley Whitford has returned more than once as Jake’s father so anything is possible at the Nine-Nine.

Hopefully, Miranda’s character isn’t part of some plot that forces Amy to arrest him. Then again, that wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Miranda’s character as well as his sister, Amy, when the episode airs.

Until then, we can plan out the rest of the Santiago siblings. Perhaps we can see a reunion episode soon that Jake Peralta has to try and navigate?

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