8 Italian pop culture perfect recipes that you can’t refuse

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Recipe: Henry Mills’ meatballs

Ray Liotta’s portrayal as American mobster Henry Hill in Goodfellas stands the test of time in gangster film history. He may be one of the only actors that can act alongside Joe Pesci and Robert DiNero and we can accept it. This movie is action packed with all of the violence, drugs, and betrayal that a viewer expects from a gangster film ending with an infamous helicopter chase scene.

As a true mafia film should end, of course with drugs and helicopters, the end of Goodfellas also culminates with Henry Hill being very passionate about needing to finish cooking for his family. In between gun and drug runs, a real gangster is also going to make sure his family has some meatballs — right?

Turns out that the actual Henry Hill did write a cookbook called The Wise Guy Cookbook. (Probably because after having to go into witness protection, Hill had some time on his hands.) So, take it from a true professional — a meatball professional — if you want to try your own hands at meatballs.