Remembering some of Michonne’s best moments on The Walking Dead

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Michonne’s emotional growth, season to season

Remember when Michonne tried to cheer Carl up with some Crazy Cheese? It was a sweet scene, revealing our girl isn’t so tough all of the time — and that’s okay. She loves her family, and in a cheesy (yes, sorry, had to) scene like this, she helped Carl forget about his worries for a moment. This shows how much she cares about her family. Even though she’s always been a strong mentor and protector of the entire group, she puts her family first — including their emotional wellbeing.

Our final highlight on Michonne isn’t one particular scene — it’s more so how she has developed season after season. After losing her first family and child to the same apocalypse that drew her to her current family with Rick and their kids, R.J., Carl, and Judith, Michonne has rebuilt her persona and allowed herself to grieve her losses.

When we first met her, she was reclusive and reluctant to willing to trust anyone again. She didn’t want to allow herself to get close to anyone, so she wouldn’t have to risk losing anyone again.

However, she easily transitioned into a prominent member of the community and she embraced it. While I’ve never lost a child to walkers or otherwise, seeing Michonne face her fears and former traumas to allow herself to trust and love even despite the potential travesties is therapeutic to anyone who has experienced loss in their family or needed to recover from trauma in general.

Michonne has helped many fans cope with our traumas and become better people in ways we never imagined. That might have never been apart of her canon character development, but we’re grateful for her time on The Walking Dead.

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Despite the zombified overtones of The Walking Dead, Michonne is an inspirational character, just like Danai Gurira is equally empowering in real life. We’ll never be ready to watch an episode of The Walking Dead without Gurira’s portrayal of Michonne. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t show our appreciation for a few of our favorite Michonne moments.

From the season 2 finale to the ongoing ninth season, it’s nearly impossible to summarize and analyze all our favorite Michonne moments, but we’re thankful that we have so many powerful scenes and moments to choose from.

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