Remembering some of Michonne’s best moments on The Walking Dead

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Holding Judith for the first time

Michonne has arguably gone through the best character development. While she’s still a skilled walker slayer and innate leader, we’ve seen her grieve and cope with her fears and repressed traumas from the zombie apocalypse. Watching Michonne hold Judith for the first time allowed us to see how the apocalypse impacted her in the most poignant level.

Her reaction to holding a baby again, especially when she already loves, is easily one of the most powerful moments in the series because it shows her visibly embracing love again, even if she is still afraid of losing the people she cares about again.

Richonne, Richonne, RICHONNE

Love in any chaotic environment — walkers or not — is rare. Yes, we’re still emotionally compromised that Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead, and we take full responsibility for how cheesy this seems, but we’re glad Rick and Michonne found each other.

From their first kiss, to their adorable family moments before and after the initial fall of Alexandria, they’re a power couple in the way they continually support each other through difficult decisions, loss, and all the wholesome moments in between.