Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps star in 7 Days


Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps, who played Fred and George Weasley, are set to appear in the short film called 7 Days.

The Weasley Twins are heading back to big screen. But not as Fred and George Weasley. Obviously. As much as we would like to see James and Oliver Phelps reprise their roles as the Wizarding World characters from Harry Potter it is not happening, at least, not anytime soon anyway.

At the moment, the two are set to appear in the short film called 7 Days. It will be the first appearance the two have made together on screen this year.

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James Phelps will be playing the role of Captain Williams and Oliver Phelps will be appearing as Dr. Matthews. 7 Days is the movie that will tell the true story of Dave Helley, a blind man who attempts to undertake an impossible feat and succeed.

Dave Heeley’s impossible feat was to run what is known as the “sevens.” Which is a series of seven different marathons undertaking on seven continents over the course of a period of seven days. Both James and Oliver Phelps’ characters are people who aided Dave in this incredible, and inspirational story.

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The film itself has been on a unique and difficult journey. With Directors Ian and Dominic Higgins leading the way, 7 Days took two years to create and film, the majority of the filming undertaking on both smartphone and DSLR cameras.

The movie is expected to officially premiere in May this year. Starring alongside the Harry Potter stars is Jack Lane, Robert Harrison, and Sarah Manners. Check out the trailer for the short film just below.

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