New Harry Potter roller coaster leaked concept art and possible name unveiled


Leaked concept art for the up and coming new Harry Potter roller coaster ride at Universal Orlando Resort has surfaced and potentially the name for the ride as well.

The new Harry Potter roller coaster ride coming to Universal Orlando Resort is one of the highlights for Wizarding World fans. Everything about the new ride has stayed fairly hush but some leaked concept art has given us a really good idea of what the new ride will look like.

Along with the leaked concept art, the name of the ride may have been unveiled as well. Universal Orlando officials have not come forward to confirm the details leaked, but they have neither come out to deny them either.

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First released by Orlando Park Stop, they shared with the world the leaked concept art given to a source that wishes to remain anonymous. The art shows how the Harry Potter roller coaster might begin in a large building, assumed to be part of Hogwarts.

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Also in the art is a river that runs alongside the ride. A river that might leave a few Potterheads scratching their heads; as there is no river according to the works by J.K.Rowling. We can also see another hut, assumed to be Hagrid’s, and a forest, assumed to be the Forbidden Forest.

There are a few other details in the art to take note of. You can check out the concept art in hi-res detail by visiting Orlando Park Stop here.

The name of the new Harry Potter roller coaster was also leaked at the same time. Expected to be called “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures,” it goes hand in hand with the previous rumor of the carriages being the motorbike Hagrid acquired from Sirius Black, so it seems as though this could be right.

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What do you think of the new Harry Potter roller coaster leaked concept art and possible name of the ride? Are you looking forward to the ride coming to Universal Orlando Resort? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.