Daniel Radcliffe thinks a Harry Potter reboot is possible


Daniel Radcliffe thinks a Harry Potter reboot will happen at some point in the future… and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

During an interview with IGN to promote his new TV series Miracle Workers,  the actor discussed the possibility of a reboot for the magical franchise. He firstly shut down rumors about whether he will play Wolverine in the future. He’s not.

Despite not taking on the character made famous on-screen by Hugh Jackman, Radcliffe said he isn’t opposed to being in another franchise. “Any project that the script is good for, I would be into,” he shared.

However, the Brit actor also recognizes that since he’s so well-known from Harry Potter that filmmakers might not want to add him into their own franchise.

"I can completely understand why some directors would be hesitant about putting me into a franchise because I have a lot of baggage from another franchise, so I can see why that would make people not want to do that necessarily. But I would be very happy to."

With so many shows and movies being recast and rebooted these days, Radcliffe said a Harry Potter reboot is bound to happen at some point. Characters like Spider-Man have had multiple actors play the role and reboots seem to be all the rage these days, so a new look at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter makes sense to further develop given its major success.

Radcliffe added, “I’m sure there will be some other version of it; I know I’m not the last Harry Potter I’m gonna see in my lifetime – we’ve already got a few more.”

A bittersweet comment from Radcliffe was that over time, the films won’t seem as special to fans, even though they still are now.

"It will be interesting to see how long those films stay… it feels like there’s a sacredness around them at the moment, but that’ll go, the shine will wear off at some point. It’ll be interesting if they reboot them and just do the films again or do a series; I’m fascinated to watch."

As of yet, Radcliffe has no plans to star in any Potter reboots. But we can certainly see how those would occur in the future — either reboots or spin-offs or something else entirely.

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