Universal Studios rumors: We may be closer to getting a Super Mario-themed land


A fully immersive theme park experience could be the biggest draw for the potential Universal’s Fantastic Worlds. But what else can fans expect?

As details emerge about the projected Universal’s Fantastic Worlds, the anticipated Universal theme park looks to be the most immersive theme park experience from the entertainment giant. Building on the success of the Harry Potter experiences in its Orlando, Florida, theme parks, the anticipated fourth theme park should bring together popular Nintendo characters as well as Universal’s characters.

Periodically, theme park rumors leak and fans get extremely excited. After Universal purchased a large parcel of land, acquired the license to Nintendo characters and dropped hints in corporate meetings, the highly anticipated fourth Universal Orlando theme park seems to have much more clarity. Compiling information from various sources, the anticipated fourth theme park will be Universal’s most ambitious undertaking to date.

Anyone who has visited Universal Orlando theme parks can attest to the impeccable details in the Harry Potter-themed areas. Once a guest crosses the threshold to that “world,” every little detail is based in character authenticity. These areas have been hugely successful. As changes continue to happen to the existing theme parks, the more immersive, detailed experiences bring guests back time and again.

While most fans knew that a Nintendo-themed area would be coming to a Universal theme park, a few particular details are quite interesting. According to some documents, the entrance to the Super Mario Bros. area will be through a giant green tube. This entrance should make this area autonomous from other areas of the park.

Transforming a theme park attraction into a video game world could be quite difficult. When it comes to video games, many people’s experiences are different. Although everyone knows the characters, not everyone plays the games at the same level.

Additionally, the video game itself only offers so many details. While a movie offers a more detailed view of various worlds, the video game world offers so many visuals. The imagination needs to drive some of the experiences.

Also, it will be curious to see how guests will experience this particular land. Since a “ride” is likely, it will be interesting to see if the ride experience continually changes for each guest with each ride.

For example, LEGOLAND Florida does a great job with its Ninjago ride, where each “ride” is part ride and part video game. Could Universal incorporate the gaming aspect into this particular themed land?

Since the alleged overall design to the theme park is a wheel and spoke design, the areas should be separate from each other. Similar to how Disney parks operate, the separate entrances allow guests to literally step into other worlds. No one wants to look around Mario’s world and glimpse the lush rainforest from Jurassic World. It lessens the immersive experience.

Although all details have yet to be confirmed by Universal, another “world” allegedly included in this new theme park would be the Universal classic monsters. Although the Dark Universe film franchise was shelved, this area could spark many changes to Universal theme parks. Hollywood Horror Makeup Show is always a popular stop and people flock to Universal during Halloween.

Halloween Horror Nights is Universal’s most popular special event. Given that Halloween Horror Nights has expanded to the most days ever, could the fourth theme park, with its Dark Universe area, become the new home to Halloween Horror Nights?

While this idea has some merit, it might not be an easy addition. For example, Harry Potter areas are never included in HHN. Still, using the Universal Classic Monsters as a basis for more Halloween events gives Universal more options for those fans. Although Universal Studios has all the backlots, the additional theme park space does offer some more options.

Lastly, the fourth theme park could see the inclusion of Universal properties that aren’t represented at the current Florida theme parks. With the upcoming release of How to Train Your Dragon, many fans would like to see this franchise interpreted into a theme park attraction. Granted there is a photo op coming to Universal Studios, fans want more.

One of the most highly successful theme park rides is the Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If Universal could make a ride where guests fly on the back of the dragons, the wait times for this attraction would be hours long.

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Overall, Universal’s Fantastic Worlds will be debated, discussed and reformulated until the official opening date which is totally unknown. The only aspect that can be expected is Universal is creating a fully immersive theme park experience that will have fans flocking to the entrance gates.