21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Clueless – Cher and Josh

Okay so a kiss between ex-step-siblings may sound weird to some people, but when it comes to Cher and Josh from Clueless, it’s adorable and romantic. See, Cher’s father and Josh’s mother were only married for a short period of time, and Cher doesn’t even consider him a brother, even if he insists on lazing around her house all the time.

Unlike most of her classmates, Cher swears off dating high school boys, and probably for good reason. After Elton tries to take advantage of her in a car and Christian ends up being a “cake boy” (that’s gay in Clueless slang), she realizes she’s definitely unlucky in love. It’s not until she fails her driving test and she’s in a downward spiral that she realizes she may have feelings for someone else: Josh. She doesn’t get why she’s so jealous about Tai having a crush on him until it hits her that she has a crush on him! As if!

Then one night when they’re helping her father with a big court case, the two end up sitting on the top of the stairs together. Josh tries to make her feel better and tells her to go out and have fun at the mall, which only makes Cher feel worse. He gets a bit frazzled talking to her, which never happens, and then he calls her beautiful, which brightens up Cher’s mood. Cue the ex-step-siblings going in for the kiss, right there in the foyer!

Looks like Cher was right to swear off high school boys, because she bagged herself a nice, smart college guy — and her father already loves him!