Severus Snape and his very fashionable choice with his flowy cape


We know that fashion isn’t exactly a high priority for a lot of characters in the world of Harry Potter but Severus Snape is clearly ahead of his time with his cape.

Young Dumbledore has quite a look, Gilderoy Lockhart is an icon, but what about Severus Snape? Have you ever stopped and looked at his outfit and thought to yourself, “That cape is so extra”? Well, you should have! Because it is the definition of extra for absolutely no reason.

So…why the cape, Snape? To be quite honest, it fits his character perfectly. Dramatic, wanting to show the world that he’s sad, why wouldn’t he wear a big cape that he could throw around and make everyone pay attention to him?

Part of what is great about the characters in the Harry Potter series is that they dress exactly as you’d expect. They fit their personalities. With Snape, he’s dark and brooding so he’d have a dramatic black cape to make sure everyone aware that he’s sad. With young Dumbledore, he’s put together and ever the serious professor in his three-piece suit. When he switches to crazy robes is a whole different conversation.

So, what is it about these characters who are so perfectly dressed to express them and their emotions? Maybe we should all start to take notes from Harry Potter and put our personality quirks into our fashion choices. Time to start dressing like Gilderoy Lockhart so people know that we’re all into the theatrics of life!

Or, you know, just wear a sweatshirt like Harry Potter does.

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Who do you think is the most fashionable of the Harry Potter characters? Does Snape even make your list? Let us know what you think in the comments below!