New teaser trailer for Captain Marvel shows her determination and grit


During the Grammys, Marvel released a new teaser trailer for Captain Marvel showing her grit and determination against grueling odds.

On Sunday night at the Grammys, a new teaser trailer for Captain Marvel debuted in anticipation of the movie’s March 8th release.

While previous clips have focused on Captain Marvel’s mysterious origins, her relationship with Nick Fury, and riveting action-packed sequences, this clip gives awaiting fans a better sense of Captain Marvel’s character.

This 30-second trailer shows Carol Danvers at various stages of her life encountering grueling physical challenges, such as missing a pitch in a baseball game or struggling with the ropes in basic training.

Male voices admonish her: “This isn’t a game for little girls,” and “give it up.” But then it shows her determination to pick herself up at each stage of her life, whispering the mantra “Higher, further, faster.”

It thrillingly ends with her telling an off-scren person, “I’m kind of tired of you telling me what I can’t do.” (Cue the applause.)

To add to this teaser trailer, Marvel tweeted today a one-minute video of Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and director Anna Boden talking about Captain Marvel and Larsen’s approach to the character.

Boden and Jackson both explained how Larsen is embodying the character while Larsen talked about feeling the responsibility of putting on the suit and gloves. It’s amazing to see how she recognizes how important her role is for the many Marvel and comic fans clamoring for better representation and diversity in their superheroes.

The video ends with Larson’s assessment of Captain Marvel herself: “She refuses to give up on herself… and she refuses to give up on humanity.” Marvel aptly tags the video with #MondayMotivation, which is a most excellent way to start off the week.

While fans are definitely awaiting cool special effects and witty repertoire between Danvers and other characters in this universe, this trailer really brings home what many fans have been hoping to find in the first solo female MCU movie.

Fans want inner-strength and a touch of gravitas. Captain Marvel aficionados want to see that true grit that they’ve come to see with other Marvel characters as they’ve faced their own challenges, like Dr. Strange and the nerve damage in his hands, or Tony Stark needing the arc reactor to stay alive after the shrapnel in his heart. It’s hard to connect to a character with superpowers if they don’t have a compelling backstory that shows, like us, they too are flawed. Of course, fans still want all that challenge to be taken in stride, so her concluding comment is the icing on the cake.

There’s a lot of anticipation building up about this film. In USA Today’s 2018 poll of most anticipated movies for 2019, Captain Marvel was second only to Avengers: Endgame but definitely before the ninth installment of Star Wars.  Fans will get to see the Marvel world around 1995; it was definitely a nice touch that Captain Marvel ends up crashing into a Blockbuster. There’s also great delight in seeing more Nick Fury before the events in Avengers and other MCU movies unfold.

Plus it’ll be a nice holdover for fans who can’t wait for the next part of the Marvel universe where we see Captain Marvel joining up with the remaining Avengers to battle Thanos in April.

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