Rebecca truly wants to better herself on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and we applaud that


While adjusting to her new medication, Rebecca Bunch continued to fall asleep throughout this last episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But it’s important that she kept going.

Rebecca may be taking her recovering seriously this time and we can tell from this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. When Rebecca voices her concern that her new anti-depressants are making her drowsy, she’s placated by others telling her that that is normal.

For once, Rebecca doesn’t just give up at the slight sign that things are changing and continues on her path to recovery, which is an extremely important thing to take away from this week’s episode. Typically, Rebecca is the kind of character who would stop taking her meds the minute something happened that she didn’t like.

In the past, she was afraid that her meds would turn her into something she isn’t so she didn’t like to take them. Now though, after seeing herself spiral and being stopped by both Nathaniel and Josh, Rebecca is taking the right precautions and going back to group (something she never should have stopped).

If anything, this new Crazy Ex-Girlfriend message is wonderful to those struggling with their own mental health. For so long, Rebecca just brushed her mental health concerns aside and continued to go on about her life in a way that she wanted. Not how she should have been treating her diagnosis.

Now that she is finally seeing that she can’t just ignore her doctor’s orders, Rebecca is sticking to her medication and working on herself in the only way she knows how: By letting go of the relationship she had with Greg and focusing her energy on Rebecca.

Which is as it should be. Rebecca is the kind of character who will constantly look to others and want them to feed into her behavior. When they don’t is when she’ll spiral and start wilding out to get back at them and it isn’t healthy. But now that she’s single and taking her group sessions seriously, she has a real chance at progress. That is if Nathaniel and Josh don’t try and ruin it.

Now that they both heard she’s single again, the episode shows them smirking as if they were going to attempt to do something about it. Yet at the end of the day, it is better for Rebecca if she remains single and focuses on herself for now.

No Greg, no Nathaniel, and no Josh.

Also, there have to be other girls in West Covina that all three of these men can go on dates with, right? They should let Rebecca recover all on her own without their input or need to try and date her right now.

But the chances of that actually happening are slim to none so hopefully, Rebecca tells Nathanial and Josh to take a step back for the time being and let her work on herself first.

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