The Mirror of Erised is much more dangerous than we were led to believe


We know that one can get lost in the MIrror of Erised but can it be worse than that? Can there be a darker twist that lurks within the mirror that we don’t know?

The Mirror of Esired can be dangerous, that much we know already, but can it be even worse than we originally thought? Imagine being trapped in its grasp forever, constantly looking at your dreams coming true but knowing that if you left the mirror, you may never have them come true.

That’s, essentially, what is so dangerous about the mirror. People can stay there forever, looking at their wants and needs and know that it is right in front of them but with no idea how to get there. So, why did the wizards make it in the first place?

It’s a trap that many can fall into and, if they aren’t careful, be stuck in forever. The perfect example is when Harry looked into the Mirror of Esired and saw his parents. To him, that’s all he wanted. He just wanted to be with his family and if that meant staying in front of the mirror for quite some time he would do it.

So, when you think about, the mirror is extremely dangerous not because you see what you want to see but rather because it forces you to give up your own will and hope because you know you can’t achieve your goals.

Sure, you can think you still have a chance but seeing it before you makes you lose your dedication to your goals and that is terrifying.

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Would you get lost within the mirror forever? Could it keep you looped in and stuck looking at the dreams you wish you could achieve? Let us know what you think in the comments below!