Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Everyone is at the hospital and men are fighting


Poking fun at La La Land’s optimism, this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend features a jailbreak, the boys in quarantine, and a lot of talk about Rebecca’s dream.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend taught us about self-care last week and now, we have to see Rebecca and Paula putting in the work. Paula is still in the hospital and her friends have to try and break her out so that she can make her bar exam.

The problem with this whole scheme is that Rebecca isn’t adjusted to her medication and keeps falling asleep. She passes out on the gurney that was going to be used to get Paula out of the hospital, and Rebecca ends up in the morgue

Meanwhile, Greg, Josh, and Nathaniel end up in quarantine because a child with squirrel flu comes out into the lobby and coughs on them. How fun is that? While there, Josh and Greg start to work through some of their issues with each other and have a fight over Rebecca and how they don’t think the other deserves her.

While bringing up good points, both of them were jerks to Rebecca and, at that point, she had chosen Greg. So Josh being jealous and bitter isn’t exactly okay. Then again, Josh always did things for himself and no one else so that isn’t exactly surprising.

By the end of the episode, they break Paula free and get her back in time and the boys are free but that means that Rebecca has to talk to Josh and Greg. She tells Josh that she’s glad they are just friends and it seems like that’s the end but, to help with her recovery, she tells Greg that they should just be friends right now as well. Which is apparently all the other two men need to start their battle for Rebecca yet again.

Honestly, I don’t want to sit and watch them all fight again. Rebecca is working on herself, following her dream, and taking her medication and that’s what she should be focusing on. Not these men who think they have some kind of hold over her.

It is nice to know that at the first sign of change, Rebecca didn’t give up her medications. Old Rebecca would have said no and quit but this Rebecca was willing to try it all out and take her life seriously because she needs to grow. It is nice to see her also trying to do community theatre because throughout the series, she’s loved musicals and it will be wonderful.

Are we back in the battle? Are the three boys back to fighting over Rebecca and not caring about their friendships? Hopefully, it doesn’t end up a blood bath but who knows. We’ll have to see on next week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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