Can Harry Potter ever exist without his life connecting back to Voldemort?


We learned that, even when he isn’t a horcrux, Harry Potter is still seemingly connected to Voldemort in weird ways. Will he ever be free?

Harry Potter was connected to Lord Voldemort from the day his parents died. They were always part of each other and couldn’t live without the other. So, when Voldemort was finally defeated, it would have been the end, right?

No. We learned in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that even once he’s free from Voldemort and his mission, he seemed as if he could finally live without Voldemort hanging over him. But then his scar starts to hurt and Voldemort’s knocking on his door once more because as long as Harry Potter is alive, he will seemingly always have to answer to Voldemort.

So now that we know that Harry clearly defeats him once again, goes on with his life and starts to build a new relationship with his son, Albus, we have to ask: Will Voldemort ever come back? Will there be another point in time when Harry must face the man who killed his parents?

Because even now that he’s dead, they are still connected. No matter how many years Harry lives without Voldemort alive, he’s going to have some kind of connection to him and that honestly isn’t fair to Harry. He could be free and could go on with his life but now, even years later, he’s stuck linked to the Dark Lord.

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Are we ever going to see a time when Harry Potter doesn’t have to have his life marred by Lord Voldemort? Or is his entire existence going to go back to Tom Riddle no matter how hard he tries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!