25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Sam Dresden (Sh-t Stain) – You’re The Worst

What we know: Sam Dresden, also known as Sh-t Stain, is Gretchen’s client from the FX show, You’re the Worst. Sam is part of a rap trio that projects a hard street image, but his tastes run more toward mid-century antiques and architecture. He’s known to start beef with his best friends and bandmates, but it always devolves into an immature mess that causes more trouble than it was originally worth.

Sam is definitely young, but absolutely not as young as he seems to be. It’s nothing for him to turn the “temperamental artist” thing into a full-on tantrum, sending both Gretchen and the record company into a tailspin. But he as an unexpected wisdom in his childishness, and he often winds up as the voice of reason – which might tell you less about him and more about the other characters on this show.

What we see: Beachy urban. It’s nothing for Sam to mix a headband with a pastel tank, or skinny white jeans with a fitted pink blazer. He has a real “cool kid” ’90s thing happening for him, and it’s a nice juxtaposition to his (sometimes) hardcore lyrics.

Even though he likes to play around with prints and shapes, it’s a safe bet you’ll find him in a neo-Hawaiin pattern and some form of fancy sneakers. Just like his personality, he’s a surprising mix of different perspectives. His style is a fun and esoteric mix-match.

How to take it all in: You’re the Worst’s fifth and final season is airing now on FXX. Although Sam doesn’t play a huge role in the show, he gets a fair amount of screen time in seasons 2 and 3. You can watch these (as well as the rest) on Hulu.