25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Sue Wilson – Veep

What we know: Sue Wilson is the long-suffering assistant to Veep’s Selena Meyer. Fans of the show understand what sort of nonsense Sue must endure daily, as Vice President Selina Meyer is the most high maintenance, worrisome boss a person could imagine. For real, folks, Vice President Meyer is a nightmare of a human: narcissistic, vulgar, and often downright malicious. She’s also quite helpless and depends on her support staff to get from one day to the next.

Sue, on the other hand, is level-headed and straightforward. She is often left doing a lot of Selina’s interpersonal mayhem, and she does it with a deadpan you have to see to believe. Sue suffers no fools and will not tolerate hijinks within her vicinity. She’s very strict about such things.

What we see: Secretarial fierce. Sue is known to rock a mean bang, but it works perfectly and sends just the right message: don’t eff with me, dummies. Her general aesthetic is pretty conservative, and I can’t imagine how many cardigans she must own. However, she balances all that severity with frilly tops and really fun flats, so we don’t mistake her for the schoolmarm who will slap our fingers with a ruler.

She also keeps the style less steely by incorporating fun prints. It’s nothing to see her with a very professional blouse, buttoned to her neck, with giraffes on it. Or a bright geometric pattern on a cardigan. She has a lot of separates, to keep things interesting, so she has endless wardrobe combos.

How to take it all in: Veep is sadly about to embark on its final season. This show is quality humor, and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is about as perfect as an actress gets in her role as Selina Meyer. When she teams up with Sufe Bradshaw as Sue, you can’t help but giggle at their onscreen chemistry.