25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Lady Mae Greenleaf – Greenleaf

What we know: Lady Mae may be the matriarch of the show, but he’s more of the anti-heroine of the OWN series. She has a very troubled past, which translates into a problematic ethos when it comes to her own children.

She’s stoic and aloof, but knows how to deftly handle the intricate machinations of a whacky family. As the wife of Bishop Greenleaf, she’s also privy to lots of tea, putting her in a really convenient position to work all the angles.

What we see: First Lady regal. With lots of sweetheart necklines and shiny brocades, Lady Mae always looks like she might be on the way to Easter service. Every single detail of an outfit is carefully considered, appropriate for the occasion, and very, very expensive looking.

Although she’s a mature lady, her suits and shifts never look dowdy, and she can make even a diamond broach look menacing and all-seeing. Lady Mae lives in Earth tones and flattering, conscious silhouettes, and she could any one of these other female characters a run for the fashion money.

How to take it all in: Three seasons of the family (melo)drama is on Netflix. The series is produced by Oprah, and airs on her network. She also plays the character Mavis McCready, appearing in a couple of episodes. Lady Mae is played by Lynn Whitfield, and I’m sure has been inspiring mothers of the brides from the moment it first aired.