25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Mary Jane Paul – Being Mary Jane

What we know: Mary Jane Paul is a single-minded, career-oriented success. Okay… maybe not completely single-minded since she does spend a fair amount of time with men who don’t even come close to deserving her. But she is super ambitious as a reporter and on-air anchor, and she’s definitely willing to sacrifice the personal for the professional.

Mary Jane may be very, and obviously single, but she still manages to find herself in some precarious romantic situation. Fairly often, these situations include her responsibility to her family and her obligations to her close friends. In short, she has a lot of balls in the air, but evolved into an adept juggler over the course of the series.

What we see: Professionally sleek. In the industry of mainstream news, Mary Jane has a pretty narrow lane within which to flex her personal style. Never one to turn down a challenge, Mary Jane found a very specific brand of on-air sexiness. Without showing any skin whatsoever, Mary Jane exuded a sultry professionalism that made me want to listen to what she had to say.

Mary Jane was also a bit of a brand buyer. She loved a designer purse and shoe, and worked in her favorite labels to carve out a style that could be both serious and whimsical. She wasn’t afraid to wear a floral print or an intricate lace to play up her feminine grace.

How to take it all in: Being Mary Jane is currently on Netflix, and if you’re not a fan of Gabrielle Union, you will be by the end of all four seasons. There’s been talk of a movie to end the franchise altogether, but we’re still waiting. I’ll definitely keep you posted.