25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Samantha White – Dear White People

What we know: Samantha is a strong-willed, dedicated, passionate woman, who rallies for her convictions. She’s an outspoken activist, caring deeply for her community, even though she often gets quite a bit of pushback.

To say Sam is confident is not quite getting it right. While she is fierce in her beliefs and asserts her ideas strongly, she also grapples with some components of her own identity. She’s self-aware enough to understand how these things can affect her activism, but too stubborn to pull back. She’s the kind of lady you want next to you in the foxhole; she would surely bring you home alive.

What we see: Downtown cool. She never looks like she agonized over an outfit, but rather the universe just gifted it to her and she’s wearing it as a favor. No matter how many accessories, layers, or intricate updos, she always looks like the easiest and coolest girl to hang out with.

On another woman, those camouflage pants, shark-bite vest, and 17 bangles would look over-worked and try-hard, but Samantha pulls it off. In fact, she pulls everything off, always seeming like she gave it very little thought to how beautiful and universal she looks.

How to take it all in: Dear White People is also a feature-length film, in which Tessa Thompson plays this character. However, in the Netflix series, Logan Browning really makes it her own. Chalk it up to the exquisite braids or the luminous skin, but Logan Browning is Samantha White, all day.