25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Issa Dee – Insecure

What we know: Issa is awkward, but sensibly so, except when it comes to making romantic decisions. She is often personally victimized by her taste in men, so she’s often time working against her own best interest. Even though she can be a little wobbly when it comes to matters of the heart, she’s killing it in other areas of her life.

She has a solid, loving, girl group in her life, and she’s not afraid to use them as her support system. She is also really, super cool, but not in that way that feels like she’s trying to be. She has effortless charm, which can sometimes induce cringes among her close group (and audiences).

What we see: Black girl magic. She simply has the right touch. Whether she’s rocking a denim jacket, a headscarf, or a radically-printed blazer, she just knows what looks good. She’s got a way of making every outfit seem chic and effortless, she looks so polished that I often have to ask myself, “what sort of sorcery is this?”

As varied as Issa’s style is, she consistently and without fail, looks amazing. I imagine it’s that 1,000-watt smile she accessorizes with, but it could be the eclectic way she mixes and matches. Issa is always daring when it comes to showing a little skin. She’s a fan of the cutout dress or top, and I’ll admit, I am too now.

How to take it all in: Issa Rae, writer and creator of Insecure, started out as a YouTube star. However, she quickly outgrew that platform and HBO scooped her up. You can watch all three seasons of the half-hour comedy there, but you can watch her original creation, Awkward Black Girl, on YouTube.