25 Black TV icons whose fashion game was always on point

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Denise Huxtable – A Different World

What we know: As the second oldest daughter in a family with five other children, Denise always had to figure out a way to claim her identity. Despite the problematic legacy of the show she first appeared on, The Cosby Show,  Denise went on to be the featured character in the first season of her own college spin-off, A Different World.

Once Denise left her family to move to college, she really started to figure out herself and what she wanted to be. Lisa Bonet left A Different World after just one season, but her character, Denise, traveled the world and returned home to her parents with a new husband and step-daughter in tow.

What we see: Bohemian cool. She always rocked long, flowing skirts and breezy blouses. She also practically invented the paper bag pants trend. She let her long hair flow freely and experimented with funky headband and wraps. Even after she became a stepmom, she maintained the relaxed style, and her effortless mom fashion inspired women for a good bit of the ’80s

How to take it all in: As I mentioned, she was only in the first season of A Different World, and it’s available on Amazon Prime. You can watch her turn on The Cosby Show, before and after she left and came back, on Amazon as well.

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